Through 26 years of doing what we love, we’ve gotten around quite a bit. Not only all around the lake, but all around the globe, from industry to trade - and service to tourism. Printing and programming, on- and offline. And through this whole time, our work has never been just fulfilling orders. Every project has been a journey of discovery, of trying new things and developing new ideas. That’s why we’re still curious and excited for what’s to come, even after more than two decades on the job. Curious about all the ways that can lead to success - especially those off the beaten path. And excited about the people that come along for the journey. It is a privilege for us to work with our customers on their ideas and visions. To find the correct route, together. Interested? It’s about time we met!


We are convinced that the first steps in every project have to carry us over a few sills: between aspirations and actuality, being and wanting to be, branding and people. That is why an honest conversation is the basis for everything we do.. and why it is indispensable in order to break down the sill between you and your customer

The belief that every company has its very own personality is deeply anchored in what we do - and this personality is best discovered personally. That’s why our door is always open, even if it might not look like it here. Why don’t you come meet us so that we can find out if we work together. 

And if you prefer to open doors yourself, we’re always happy about an invitation.  



Open the door

and, while we're at it, the rest of the world.

and, while we're at it, the rest of the world.

We are proud to have our roots at the Bodensee - but also proud of how far our roots have grown. From our home of constance to customers all over the region in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and beyond, into a multitude of different branches. Through this, we've always made sure to stay creative in how we work, but conservative in what we strive to achieve: Setting up your products and services to succeed. We believe that goods for sale need values to stay. And for those, we work with true dedication. 

Werbeagentur Konstanz

Untying knots
and still capturing customers!


A whole lot of lines we could already sort out for our diverse customers - and still forge a close connection.



Markenberatung Bodensee - Kieweg und Freiermuth

The wheel firmly in hand,
even at a stormy sea!


You can read what we think is needed for that right here.



Agentur Konstanz

Messages with a goal
that arrive where they are supposed to!


Pinpoint advertising with a team that knows exactly what's needed. Get to know our messengers here.